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Consortium & Organisation

The DS4H consortium includes all key academic actors working in Digital Systems, in Nice-Sophia Antipolis:

DS4H operates a Management Board, briding research and education programs through the joint representation of laboratory directors and education structures directors. This board is shared with the Labex UCN@Sophia and the NIDS Academy management board to ensure coherent research and education orientations.

The Management Board is assisted by a Scientific and Education Council for defining scientific directions and corresponding educational programs, and an Innovation Council for managing the liaison with industrial partners. The Scientific and Education Council is composed of representatives from all scientific domains covered, master’s programs, university faculties, and doctoral schools. It both ensures a strong coherence, not only between research and education but also between the graduate school curriculum body and the operational education structures from all partners. This council deals with scientific coordination, the evolution of educational programs, and the use of novel pedagogy in student training. 

The Management Board has mandated an external Scientific and Pedagogical Advisory Board. This group is composed of renowned scientific and education organization personalities.

An Innovation Council will be set up to organize student training in conjunction with industry as well as continuous training for professional requalification. It will coordinate initiatives in professional requalification with the Université Côte d'Azur Innovation Platforms and the House of Modeling and Simulation.

Who are we?

Gilles Bernot
Director of the Scientific and Education Council Gilles Bernot
Johan Montagnat
Director Johan Montagnat
Hervé Delingette
Director of the Academy of Excellence NIDS Hervé Delingette
Walid Dabbous
Head of the Labex UCN@Sophia Scientific Council Walid Dabbous
Laure Blanc-Feraud
Head of the Academy of Excellence Scientific Council Laure Blanc-Feraud
Sophie Pluton
Project Officer Sophie Pluton
Anne-Laure Simonelli
Pedagogical Engineer Anne-Laure Simonelli
Virginie Valot
Pedagogical Assistant Virginie Valot
Olga Kieffer
Industrial and International Relations Officer Olga Kieffer
Marion Mounier
Communication Officer Marion Mounier
Isabelle Saussez
Assistant Isabelle Saussez