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Introduction to Machine Learning



With Université Côte d'Azur Department of Computer Science
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  • Rodrigo Cabral Farias (Université Côte d'Azur, I3S)
  • Michel Riveill (Université Côte d'Azur, I3S)
  • Lionel Fillatre (Université Côte d'Azur, I3S)



Machine learning and data analysis are increasingly at the centre of many sciences and applications. In this course, the fundamental principles and methods of machine learning will be introduced, analysed and put into practice.                                             
The main topics will be presented: linear and logistic regression, the principle of neural network functioning and the multilayer perceptron, unsupervised learning and some elements for working with text in machine learning.                                            
At the end of the course, the student should be able to deal with basic problems in particular in the context of regression, classification, clustering or dimensionality reduction. He must also be able to explain the main differences between these different algorithms.                                            
In the laboratories we will use the Python language and the sklearn library.



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To be announced