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Boost your R&D with DS4H

DS4H maintains very close connections with the industrial world.

As a large company, as well as a SME ou start-up, there are many ways for you to interact with DS4H and Université Côte d'Azur.

You can :

  • Fuel your projects with the expertise of leading research laboratories and get access to their equipments
  • Enrich your products and services with cutting-edge transferable research works
  • Recruit our talents!

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Boost your R&D with DS4H

The "Digital Challenge" Reference Center

The "Digital Challenge" Reference Center ensures effective links and interactions between fundamental research and innovation by public–private partnerships around advanced technological platforms.

It is a place of cross-fertilization and unite researchers, instructors, and businesspeople in a collaborative fashion and simultaneously aim at understanding existing solutions, new needs, and the prospects of development in the identified strategic areas.

Its objectives:

  • establishing research partnerships,
  • strengthening the link between companies and both initial and continuing training,
  • encouraging expertise and innovation for economic development.

3 strategic domains