Academy 4 Meeting - Complexity and Diversity of Living Cells - June 27th 2019 - Amphitheatre GREDEG - Sophia Antipolis

27/06/2019 GREDEG Amphitheater, 250 rue Albert EINSTEIN SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, 06560 VALBONNE

Join us for the new meeting of the Academy 4 of IDEX JEDI.

The Master students supported by the Academy 4 in 2018-2019 will present their results.

Dr Brau (IPMC) and Bekkouche (LBDV) leading the new platform Mutimage_UCA, financed by the Academy 4 in 2018, will give an overview of the facility and significative results.

Dr Godinho-Ferreira (IRCAN, Nice) will present his installation project co-financed by the Academy 4 in 2019.

Dr Claudine MEDIGUE (CNRS, CEA/Genoscope Evry), special guest of the Academy, will introduce her new results on big data analyses as well as the organization and main objectives of the French bioinformatics infrastructure.

For security and cattering organization purposes, registrations to this day are free but mandatory on the following event page :

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