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Doctoral Schools

The Doctoral Schools are associated with institutions of higher education. They coordinate their actions within the College of Doctoral Studies (CED). Their role is to bring together research teams that support the training and future opportunities for Ph.D. students. 

These structures offer the doctoral candidates exceptional scientific supervision and preparation for professional integration. 

The necessary criteria for the accreditation of Doctoral Schools are the following:

  • research links and the scientific quality of the laboratories,
  • procedures for recruiting doctoral students and the associated funding policies,
  • supervisory potential and training policy,
  • external partnerships
  • incentives for mobility and European and international opportunities.

Université Côte d'Azur is accredited to host six Doctoral Schools

  • ED SFA - (co-accredited with Mines Paris Tech) : SFA
    The spectrum of the Doctoral School for Fundamental and Applied Sciences covers the following degrees: Relativistic Astrophysics, Mathematics, Mechanics, Materials, Materials Science and Engineering, Computational Material Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Sciences of Physics the Planet and the Universe, Engineering Sciences. It brings together 18 laboratories.
  • ED STIC (co-accredited with Mines Paris Tech) : STIC
    The Doctoral School of Science and Technology of Information and Communication, under the aegis of the UCA and PSL (Paris Sciences Lettres) COMUE, offers degrees and training for Ph.D. candidates in electronics, computer science, automation, signal and image processing. It brings together 3 joint laboratories of the University, CNRS, Inria and Ecole Mines Paris Tech.
  • ED SVS : SVS
    The Doctoral School of Life and Health Sciences covers the following major fields: biology of interactions and ecology, immunology and microbiology, clinical and therapeutic research, molecular and cellular interactions. It brings together all the research teams working in the field of life and health sciences, a total of 82 teams
    The Doctoral School of Law, and Political, Economic and Management Science offers doctoral degrees and doctoral training in legal science, political science, economics and management. This multidisciplinary scope enables us to develop synergies between economists, lawyers, political scientists and managers who have related and complementary fields of research using different methodologies. It is supported by 6 on-site laboratories.
    The Doctoral School of Societies, Humanities, Arts and Literature trains Ph.D. students in the following 22 disciplines: Anthropology; Ethnology; Occitan Studies; Geography; Prehistory; History and Archaeology of Ancient and Medieval Worlds; History and Civilizations of the Modern and Contemporary Worlds; Information and Communication; French Language, Literature, and Civilization; English Language, Literature, and Civilization; Spanish Language, Literature, and Civilization; Italian Language, Literature, and Civilization; German Language, Literature, and Civilization; Ancient Languages and Literature; General and Comparative Literature; Philosophy; Psychology; Education Sciences; Language Sciences; Sociology; Living Arts – Dance; Living Arts – Music ; Living Arts – Theater.
    Doctoral candidates are hosted among 11 research teams with exceptional mentorship potential.
  • ED SMH (co-accredited with Aix-Marseille Université) : SMH
    The Doctoral School of Human Movement Science is supported by laboratories in Nice and Aix-Marseille. It trains doctoral students in the sciences of the human movement, with a particular focus on both high-level sport, and health (frailty, aging, sport and health).