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Research Structures

Université Côte d'Azur is a research-intensive multidisciplinary university which, in 2016, obtained the prestigious label and funding granted to "Initiatives of Excellence". The university creates synergies between the research teams of its various members:

In partnership with the INRA, INSERM, IRD, CEA, Nice University Hospital Center, the Antoine Lacassagne Center (CAL), it organizes its research activities around 54 research units in all major scientific fields:

  • 11 Joint UNS/CNRS Research Units.
  • 1 Joint UNS/INSERM Research Unit.
  • 1 Joint UNS/ECA Research Unit. 
  • 9 Joint Research Units under multiple supervision.
  • 1 Research Unit specific to the CNRS.
  • 2 Joint Service and Research Units.
  • 1 Joint Service Unit specific to the OCA.
  • 1 Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (MSHS).
  • 16 Host Research Groups (EA).
  • 4 Emerging Research Units (URE).
  • 1 Collaborative Research and Innovation Team (ECRIN, UCA/SKEMA). 
  • 1 Research Federation UNS/CNRS/OCA/Mines Paris Tech (Doeblin).
  • 1 Research Federation on Health Care. 
  • 3 Université Côte d'Azur Research Federations. 
  • 2 Joint International Units: IFCAM in Bengalore (India) and MAJULAB in Singapore.
  • Several International Associate Laboratories (LIAs) and International Research Networks (IRN or GDRI).

Université Côte d'Azur also unifies research activities between the various laboratories and the Schools of the Arts, SKEMA and EDHEC, members of UCA. Together with its laboratories, the university carries out its actions through academies of excellenceInstitutes of innovation and partnership, and a Center for the modeling of simulation and interactions (MSI).