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Université Côte d’Azur was created in 2015, to bring to life the collective ambition of the major players in higher education and research on the French Riviera. As a higher education cluster that includes a major research university, multiple top-level research agencies and laboratories, elite business schools, and a group of internationally renowned art and design schools, UCA is well positioned to provide multidisciplinary, creative solutions to the complex challenges posed by a rapidly changing world.

Building on the French Riviera’s rich history as a center of artistic and technological innovation and as the home of the largest technology park in Europe (Sophia Antipolis), our vision is based on scientific and educational excellence, a strongly international focus, deep connections with local industrial and governmental partners, and a resolutely transdisciplinary outlook. Our research and educational programs are the fruit of decompartmentalized interactions between disciplines, the inclusion of human, artistic, and management dimensions to our projects, and a rigorous foundation based on quantitative, digital, and data-driven approaches.

As a recognition of our ambitious agenda and scientific excellence, in January of 2016 UCA was awarded a prestigious “IDEX” (Excellence Initiative) award by the French government, placing UCA among a small group of high-profile, world-class French universities and providing an endowment to help us achieve our goal of transforming our university and our region. We have also recently won a number of other major national awards to support our activities in, notably, continuing education, undergraduate and graduate education, and entrepreneurship.

With over 20% of our faculty and students coming from abroad, UCA is strongly turned towards the outside world, an aspect that is being constantly reinforced with the creation of elite international partnerships and the development of new international educational programs that will be taught entirely in English. New services have also been created to help attract international researchers and students and allow them to settle into the region, as well as to help university faculty publish their research in top international journals.

UCA is also working to develop entrepreneurial and business skills among its researchers and students. A number of new programs aim to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in students at all levels and to give them the tools needed to achieve their dreams. University researchers and ideas are also at the heart of many companies in the region, whether they are based on university research or founded by a member of the university. 

Finally, UCA is striving to be a catalyst that will transform the Côte d’Azur region, contributing to its growth by providing solutions to business problems through consultancy activity, continuing education, and through the licensing of discoveries to new and existing companies. The constant exchange of ideas between the university and the region is an important contributor to its growth and success. Much of UCA’s leading research can be translated into solutions, products, and companies that will benefit both society and the economy.