Creative chaos

Mause hippocampal neurons stained withanti GluA1 antibody against GluA1 in the surface (blu) and againt GluA1 in the cytosolic compartment (red).
Alessandra Folci
Equipe - Institut : Dr Martin- IPMC
Grossissement : 63X
Système : Super-résolution
Type d'échantillon
Dissociated mouse hippocampal neurons fixed with paraformaldehyde
Information sur le marquage
Virally transduced cytosolic GFP; alexa594; alexa647
Information sur l'image
1024 pixel X 1024 pixel
Contexte biologique
Changes in AMPA receptor number and composition at the neuronal surface underlie learning and memory formation. Here visualize the surface expressed GluA1 AMPAR subunit in red and the in blue GluA1 in the cytoplasm.