The mysterious cells of the gut

The digestive tract is the first organ in contact with the bacteria ingested along with food. Here we characterize in Drosophila melanogaster a new mechanism of defense corresponding to a huge visceral contraction required to help to eliminate the ingested bacteria. We showed that this visceral contraction is induced by the presence of the immune Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the lumen and is relayed by the enteroendocrine cells that secrete the DH31 neuropeptide. Consequently in less than 1 hour post-ingestion, the visceral muscle strongly contracts favoring bacteria expelling. Green, DH31; violet, Enteroendocrin cell; blue, DAPI staning of DNA

Magliano Olivia - INRA
Equipe - Institut : BES-ISA

Grossissement : 40X
Système : Plein-champ
Type d'échantillon : Echantillon fixé; instestin de drosophile
Information sur le marquage : Marquage par anticorps secondaire ( Alexa 488, Alexa 647) et DAPI.
Information sur l'image : 0.161 µm x 0.161 µm / pixel
Contexte biologique : Etude du rôle de l'hormone DH31 dans la contraction pathologique de l'intestin suite à une intoxication alimentaire,
Post-processing appliqué à l'image : Ajustement des contraste.