Most tubulin is kept under its monomeric form in meiotic cell cycle arrested oocytes. Perturbation of the MAPK pathway in the Ascidian Phallusia Mammillata non fertilized oocyte induces the formation of many microtubules (red) originating from gamma-tubulin rich MTOCs (yellow in the overlay) which associate altogether into a network of dozens of mini-spindles filling up the entire cytoplasm. This network is connected to the real meiotic spindle (top).

Prulière Gérard
UMR7009 - LBDV, Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche

Grossissement 40 X
Système Confocal
Type d'échantillon : Oeuf de l'ascidie Phallusia Mammillata fixé par Méthanol
Information sur le marquage : immuno-marquage de la tubulin en rouge et de la gamma-tubuline en vert
Information sur l'image : ovocyte fixé = 120 microns
Contexte biologique : Controle of the tubulin monomeric state in meiosis arrested oocytes
Post-processing appliqué à l'image : Ajustement des contrastes