Where immune and nervous system meets

Confocal fluorescence image of a whole mounted pancreatic lymph node from tdTomatoTH-Cre mice after injection of Alexa-647-conjugated Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) at high magnification

Brusini Romain
Equipe - Institut : Equipe Glaichenhaus - IPMC

Grossissement : X10
Système : Confocal
Type d'échantillon : Fixed lymph node
Information sur le marquage : No staining: Tomato for B-cells and nervous system labelling + WGA injection for blood vessels labelling
Information sur l'image : 0.645µm
Contexte biologique : Tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) is an enzyme that is necessary for production of catecholamins which are a landmark neural cells. In tdTomatoTH-Cre mice all catecholaminergic cells show a red fluoresence. Oddly enough B-cells express TH meaning that they migth
Post-processing appliqué à l'image : Projection max en z