Balkan Academic Scheme for the Internationalisation of Learning together with EU Universities BASILEUS

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Programme Erasmus Mundus

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The objective of the Basileus project is to promote mobility for students and staff between the Western Balkan countries and the EU ; to enhance the understanding and the international cooperation between higher education institutions in both regions ; to pave the way to international recognition of studies and qualifications and to enhance the role of the higher education sector by exchanging knowledge, skills and expertise. The Basileus project strives to build structured long-term cooperation between all partners, resulting I a sustainable network. It offers the opportunity to boost the exchange of know-how for curricula development, university-enterprise cooperation, international relations and university management.



The EMA2 programme is a cooperation and mobility scheme in the area of higher education.

The European Commission has launched this initiative to foster cooperation between higher education institutions from outside the EU with EU universities. It aims to boost exchanges of students, researchers and academic staff and to support mobility, in particular from non-EU countries to EU member states. There are different lots for different regions in the world and for each of them consortia have been formed. Students, researchers and staff from the area can apply to the selected consortium for scholarships.