Modernizing the 3rd cycle at the University of Pristina and Developing a PhD program at the Faculty of Economics MODPhD

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The Joint Tempus Project “Modernizing the 3rd cycle at the University of Prishtina and Developing a PhD Program at the Faculty of Economics” has the aim of supporting curricular reform and capacity building at UP with active involvement Ministry of Education and State Accreditation Agency of Kosovo. It focuses on reforming PhD curricula in accordance with the Bologna process and up to date European standards, thus supporting the integration of Kosovo into the European Higher Education area.

The following PRINCIPLES characterize the project: academic solidarity based on partnership and cooperation, sustainability and local ownership, capacity and institution building as well as quality assurance throughout the project.

The Consortium has been carefully selected and includes all relevant local stakeholders and partners from Austria, Italy and France.

The project addresses some of most urgent problem in HE and Kosovo’s society such as the need to:

-         Support the modernization of 3rd cycle of studies at UP in accordance with Bologna process.

-         Make PhD programs of UP comparable and competitive with similar program in region and EU as well

-         Revise and amend existing documents on PhD studies and develop necessary guidelines that would facilitate the development of PhD programs at UP 

-         Organize workshops for academic staff in advancing the 3rd level of Bologna process at UP

-         Establish a scientific journal for the Faculty of Economics, thus supporting the scientific work and publications at UP

-         Foster internationalization of research and teaching process

-         Strength the quality assurance process at UP


These problems are targeted because they have been identified as urgent by the beneficiaries from KS, and are defined as such in various national and international policy and strategy documents. Those problems and possible solutions have been discussed in many preparation meetings and consultations among consortium partners. This makes the consortium partners believe that now is the right moment to address these issues and support UP and Kosovo society.


The project consists of SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: 


  • Supporting the modernization of 3rd cycle at the University of Prishtina, in accordance with the Bologna Process, 
  • Revision and amending the legal documents, development of guideline for setting up the modern PhD studies in accordance to the latest trends of the Bologna Process,
  • To develop, accredit and implement  a pilot PhD program at Faculty of Economics of the University of Prishtina, and 
  • Supporting the scientific work and publications, through establishing a scientific journal for the Faculty of Economics of the University of Prishtina.