IR Networks

The deputy Vice-president for international relations is responsible for the definition and implementation of the establishment's international policy, under the impetus of the President of the University.

The CORI is both a discussion body and an operational body for the conduct of the UNS' international relations.


The Direction des Relations Internationales (DRI) coordinates the implementation of the UNS’ international cooperation policy and the actions related thereto.


Each campus has an International Relations Office, which is mainly responsible for the administrative management and oversight of the mobility of international students on exchange programs.


CALIOPPE - Centre d'Accueil pour le Logement, l'Information et l'Orientation des Participants aux Programmes d'Echanges – is a joint service created jointly by the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis and the Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS). CALIOPPE has been placed under the joint responsibility of the UNs’ Director International Relations and the Head of the Student Life Department of the CROUS.


The Service Accueil Mobilité was created to improve the conditions for hosting international students.