In order to help you find out an accommodation, IAE France offers from now on a platform dedicated to accommodation, in partnership with Immojeune For Schools. Given that IAE business schools are geolocalised on the platform, you will find out there all the accommodation offers nearby.

With a range of over 100,000 available offers (rental, flatshare, sublease, university accommodation) in all parts of France, of which more than 5,000 are located at a distance of less than 15 minutes from our campuses, this platform which is dedicated to you will meet your needs in terms of accommodation. 

It will be possible for you to share your rental, flatshare or even sublease applications on a social wall, to make the network of French IAE business schools work, to transmit your flat to students from your IAE if you were to leave it, and to take advantage of a direct relation with the owners.

When you register for the first time, you must type the following campus code: IAE-France*17

Then, please sign in with your email address, Google Connect or Facebook. 


Public & private accommodations

There are public student residences managed by the CROUS. (10 residences in Nice, 2 in Sophia Antipolis & 1 in Cannes)

Every year the Nice CROUS faces a significant demand for housing, it is not possible to offer housing to all students 

You can also choose accommodation in a private university residence that are generally more expensive and offer various services.

You can also find housing through a private landlord or a real estate agency.

Of course, it is also possible to look for a shared flat if you are open to living together with other people.


Finding accommodation also means providing owners with a complete file including documents such as:

o Valid proof of identity document

o Student card or certificate of attendance for the current year;

o Last three rent receipts for the previously occupied flat

o Proof of a guarantor (Most owners require a guarantor to pay the rent if the tenant fails to meet their obligations. Without a guarantor, your application will not be given preference.

If you are ≤30 years old and your monthly rent is ≤ 600€, Visale can act as a guarantor in order to simplify the process of obtaining housing)


Housing allowance

The Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) offers housing allowance for all individuals living in France. It is important to apply for it as soon as you move into your accommodation,

because the aid is only paid the month following the approval of your application. 


Rental insurance & civil liability insurance

Subscribing rental insurance is a legal obligation in France. It will cover you in case of theft, water damage & others. The rates depend also on the size of the apartment.

Civil liability corresponds to the obligation to compensate for physical injury and material damage caused to others.  

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