Block release training

As it combines academic excellence with professionalisation for already 50 years, the IAE is the major management school of the University of Nice, from which some of your collaborators are or will perhaps be graduates. 

This year, our school stood out again thanks to the excellent positioning of its degrees in several rankings and very good success rates at national exams. 

The training of high level executives who bring their talent and energy to the region's companies, in different fields of management such as marketing, finance, accounting, audit, international relations (...) is mainly the result of the trust you give us and that is still vital for our development. 

That is why, in order to meet your expectations, the IAE always puts at the heart of its reflections innovation and the adaptation to the economic context of its training course offer. 

From now on, It appears that block release contracts are increasingly appreciated by companies and students. The State has invested to support this kind of work contract, to promote it efficiently within the economic sphere. 

That is why the IAE of Nice offers an adapted rythm to the setting up of professional training contracts in all its training courses. 

As they are real contracts of employment, in return, they are harder to get than the traditional fixed-term contracts or permanent contracts for applying students who are still more and more numerous and motivated and these contracts cannot be taken lightly: all available means must be implemented to be sure to have the best possible chances of success. 

With this aim, we would be glad to highlight your potential offers in this field, by guaranteeing you in return a precise targeting of our candidates related to the missions that you would be likely to offer them. 

You can contact the office in charge of Business Relations for any question on this topic or to submit your offers by email at the following address entreprises-iae@unice.fror by phone from 9h until 12h30 and from 13h30 until 16h45 au 04 92 00 12 50 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) (Mr. Nicolas MUSCAT)

More than ever, the partnership we built-up with you remains vital for the achievement of our mission and makes perfect sense, as your company becomes thus a major stakeholder of the school in the training process of our future collaborators.

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