The IAE Nice has obtained the quality certification QUALICERT, since 2012

The Institute of Enterprise Administration, the Nice Sophia-Antipolis Management University obtained in 2012 the quality certification  QUALICERT,  following an audit carried out by an independent SGS quality body. This certification is the only one, in the University world, not to be accorded by peers.

As the European harmonisation of degrees is driving new requirements in terms of quality, the QUALICERT label guarantees the quality of the IAE services for students, professional partners and administrative authorities.

This label conforms to the reference « University activity of education and research in the domain of management science » inspired by the reflections and work carried out by other European countries and other committees (like the European University Association).

This certification obtained by the IAE Nice - a first within the Nice - Sophia Antipolis University - rewards  the efforts carried out by the teaching, research and administrative staff in the area of quality.

The attribution of the QUALICERT label validates the services quality  level – offered by the IAE Nice for the past 50 years – in the following domains:

  • The value-add of the courses
  • The educational and scientific skills of the teaching-research staff
  • The efficiency of academic research
  • The efficiency of the administration teams
  • The performance of the partnerships with enterprises
  • The reliability of information provided to students and the socio-professional world
  • The international dimension
  • Continuous quality improvement.

The IAE Nice is a member of the ONU Global Compact, which encourages the promotion of enterprise civil responsibility in order that the business world participates in finding solutions to the problems posed by globalisation.