IAE France

IAE NICE, Member of the IAE France network

IAE FRANCE, a label

The French public reference for Management.

To be responsible. To believe in equal opportunity.

To work hard. To strive for excellence. IAE FRANCE is the purveyor of these values common to all IAE’s.

The IAE’s make up a unique model within the French universities, by combining academic excellence of the course with professional experience :

  • Regulated orientation process
  • Upward mobility
  • Staff adapted by year
  • Close supervision
  • Rich and varied programs
  • Proximity to enterprises
  • Internships
  • International dimension with a recognisable institutional format
  • Importance of research
  • University discipline

Unity is strength

The largest Management Sciences community in France.

The IAE FRANCE community encompasses a large variety of profiles : Students, Researchers, Administrative staff, Leaders, Managers, Recruiters, Enterprise partners, degree-holders….Each has his role to play  in the development of this large and powerful community.

Each member of the community is proud to belong to an IAE. IAE FRANCE unites the diverse base and draws it’s strength  from it.


  • 32 Graduate Schools of Management
  • 45 000 Students
  • 30 Management Streams
  • 1 200 Research Professors
  • 800 administrative personnel
  • 1 000 International Partners
  • 15 000 Enterprise Partnerships
  • 425 000 Graduate Students

Sharing the IAE Spirit

To have the IAE spirit means being an optimistic manager, a curious but respectful person, a high-performance creator.

The IAEs share a common DNA and offer at the same time the advantages of a business school and a University. The originality of this unique model breathes life into a different approach to management. The members of the IAE FRANCE community are united by a desire to create.

But beyond being successful, they ask questions about their environment, adapt to it and continually renew their practices. Aware of their responsibilities, their vision goes beyond the enterprise and touches on society. The principle of equal opportunity is a daily concern, so as to allow each and everyone to maximise his potential and access in an optimal manner the labour market.