The University of Nice

The University of Nice combines a solid scientific tradition with an avant-garde technological research.

As a multidisciplinary university for 50 years and 2nd university in France today, it represents nearly all the scientific disciplines with the annexation of the Polytechnic School on Sophia Antipolis.

Anchored in a region which represents on its own 1% of global tourism, our university attracts the highest percentage of foreign students in France: 19% compared to a national average of about 11%. 

Today, it is composed of 7 colleges, 4 institutes, 3 schools (including the IAE), 8 campuses and 1 university hospital which gathers 6 hospitals and 2 medical institutes. 

Why is it solid?

In conformity with the European tradition, the first universities were campuses of law and medicine: it was in 1639.
Three centuries later, in 1933, the City of Nice created the Centre Universitaire Méditerrannéen, which still today hosts prestigious academic events on the Promenade des Anglais. 

Why is it avant-garde?

As it is the siege of a centre of excellence in information science, communication and bio-tech safety, Sophia Antipolis, the first technology hub in Europe, nicknamed as the "French Silicon Valley" is composed of over 1400 businesses (including Airbus, Amadeus, Arkopharma...) and attracts a significant number of research institutions on a national, European and international scale (ESA- European Space Agency, CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research...) 

 Universite Nice Sophia Antipolis

Dernières actualités

Cas pédagogiques de la CCI de Paris : deux distinctions pour l’IAE Nice, Université Côte d’Azur


La Centrale de Cas et de Médias Pédagogiques (CCMP) de la CCI de Paris décerne le Prix « Top Etablissement 2020 » à l’IAE Nice, Université Côte d’Azur, et le Prix « Top Auteur 2020 » à...

Licence 3 CCA : Plan de relance de l’apprentissage


Objectif affiché : Maintenir la dynamique de l’apprentissage alors que beaucoup d’entreprises sont en difficulté.

Join our BACHELOR of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – BBA at IAE Nice Graduate School of Management


A One-Year international Full University Degree - 100% in English. You can apply when holding an undergraduate 3-year degree in ANY FIELD (no business degree required).

Boost your career and apply for the Executive MBA at IAE Nice Graduate School of Management, Université Côte d’Azur


This Master of Business Administration is a one-year program in English, designed for professionals aiming to step up to higher management positions.

Le master Recherche et Conseil en Management de l’IAE Nice est passé en cours du soir  !


Il est possible de suivre ce Master 2 en double compétence, en étant inscrit dans un autre master 2 professionnel de l’IAE ou en travaillant la journée

Focus sur... le Master Comptabilité Contrôle Audit (CCA)


Le Master CCA est la voie royale pour devenir expert-comptable ou auditeur (commissaire aux comptes) en formation initiale ou en apprentissage.

Focus sur.. Le Master Management public


Ce master en apprentissage, classé parmi le top 10 des meilleures formations du domaine depuis plus de cinq ans (Classement Eduniversal) s’adresse aux étudiants qui souhaitent évoluer au sein de...

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