• To have a two-year Higher Education diploma or an equivalent 
  • To take an aptitude test in management: Score IAE Message, Tage-Mage, GMAT, GRE, SAT
  • Academic merit 
  • Career objectives

The candidates declared eligible based on their application file take part in an interview.

Students who got these scores are automatically eligible and go for the interview:

  • SIM : 240/400
  • Tage-Mage : 350/600
  • GRE : 280/340
  • GMAT : 420/800
  • SAT : 1080/1600

Continuing education 

Candidates in continuing education(who interrupted their studies for two years, who are employees or in individual educational leave...) are requested to contact UNICE PRO for all request for VAE/VAP and for application


The tuition fees include:

  • National fees
    All students must pay national fees.
    The amount is set each year by the Ministry in charge of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.
    The exact amount of these fees is communicated by the Ministry (and published on its website) in mid-July.
  • Social security contribution
    The following students have to pay the Social Security contribution: French or foreign students from a non-European country) who will be less than 28 years old by 1st  October.
    The following students don't have to pay this contribution: students from the European Union who benefit from a Social Security cover in their home country, members of SNCF households, students who work for at least 96 hours per month and all students who will be more than 28 years old by 1st October.
  • The culture and sport contribution: this contribution is optional and amounts to 45€. It provides access to all sport facilities at the University and to discounts on cultural activities. 
  • Specific fees
    The amount of specific fees depends on your registration scheme.

To find out whether you are enrolled in a Full-Time Education (FI), a Continuing Education (FC) or a Lifelong Learning (FP) programme, click on the following link: training course scheme

To know about the cost: click on the following link: training course's cost


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