The 3rd year of Bachelor's Degree prepares students coming from DUT, BTS or intensive foundation degree training courses who completed a second year of Bachelor's Degree to continue their studies in all Master's Degree training courses related to accounting. The courses are based on the national DAM (Degree in Accounting and Management) syllabus.

During the academic year, the courses associate the main subjects (accounting, finance, management control) to additional subjects (quantitative techniques, business English..).

The advantages of the training course

This Bachelor's Degree offers a versatile training course organised around three main themes: finance, management control and accounting, along with two support course units which are law and taxation.


  • financial skills related to business or market
  • accounting skills in a context of national or international standards
  • related to the accounting, financial and organisational audit
  • related to law, taxation and to the accountancy of the company's usual operations of these which affect structures and groups of companies in the French context or in the context defined by international standards (IFRS which means International Financial Reporting Standards) 
  • related to management, to the financial strategy and to management control 

Organisation of the training course

  • School days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thusday, Friday, Saturday
  • Internship: at least 3 months (from April on)
  • Capacity: 80 students
  • Selection rate: 10%
  • Success rate: 100%


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