This first year of a Master’s degree has 2 objectives. It gives students a deep understanding of company and market finance as well as accounting (excluding Chartered Accounting which is covered by the Master's degree in Accounting, Control and Audit). It also prepares them for a 2nd year Master's in Finance Management, Internal Auditing and Management Accounting, Financial Engineering (Ingéfi) or also International Wealth Management (GIF) after pre-selection and interview.

This Master's degree - Year 1 also aims to provide professional experience to the students through a 4-month internship in a financial institution or in the financial departments of a private company or public organisation. The coursework ends at the end of February in order to allow students to carry out up to 6 months of internship if they so wish.

For those students who wish to prepare themselves for the grade of Doctor in Management Sciences, it is also possible (after a pre-selection process) to integrate the Master's degree - Year 2 in Management Science Research which teaches the students in a more academic style. 


  • Introduction to financial markets and the principle international financial market places.
  • Link macro-economic mechanisms to the economic evolution of the markets.
  • Analyse and evaluate the risk factors of an investment
  • Elaborate a financial investment strategy: understand the different classes of assets, define a risk management policy
  • Build an investment portfolio and evaluate its risk


  • Classes take place Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Internship required (between 4 and 6 months)