The objective of the International Fortune Management speciality is to form fortune managers and specialists in patrimony engineering, capable of being operational in any financial institution (private management banks, financial firms…). Its vocation is to provide the students with the essential knowledge (financial and banking instruments, heritage law, finance and banking law…) required to exercise the profession. Only a perfect mastering of all these mechanisms both at the academic level as well as at the practical level permit the exercising of this profession at a very high level. 


  • Analyse a client’s financial situation and realise a summary of his patrimonial structure (life insurance, stock,…).
  • Define with the client his objectives (savings, tax optimisation) according to his needs (matrimonial situation, heritage,…)
  • Carry out a patrimonial analysis, propose a legal and fiscal framework and the suitable products (life insurance, stock portfolio,…)
  • Build a financial strategy (purchase of stock, life insurance, property,…) and if necessary direct the customer to a suitable lawyer, solicitor, or a fund manager,…) 

Compétence Juridique Appropriée (CJA)
Le Master en Gestion Internationale de Fortune, diplôme de 3e cycle en gestion de patrimoine, confère à son titulaire l'agrément prévu par l'article 54-I de la loi du 31 décembre 1974 communément appelé Compétence Jurique Appropriée (CJA), conformément à l'article 1er, alinéa 2, de l'arrêté du Garde des Sceaux, Ministre de la Justice, en date du 19 décembre 2000. La CJA ouvre le droit de donner des consultations juridiques ou de rédiger des actes sous seings privés dans le cadre de missions relevant de leur activié principale exercée.


  • Classes take place Friday and Saturday
  • Internship required