For more than 20 years the Financial Engineering speciality has educated more than 500 high-level managers in banks, consulting firms, company financial leadership teams. The objective of the training is to make the students capable of creating and executing financial schemes adapted to specific economic objectives at minimum cost. The development of financial engineering has resulted in a new banking approach, now more oriented towards consulting and services, and which is interested in schemes specific to the management of private and professional fortunes which are often intertwined.


  • Master company finance management and analysis
  • Understand financial offers as well as the basics of financial law and company tax
  • Possess the fundamental accounting and IFRS standard principles
  • Prioritise and select the pertinent financial information required for financial decision-making
  • Detect a situation’s anomalies and deduce the financial impact 


  • Courses take place Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Internship required