The principle objective of the Public Sector Management speciality is to prepare the students for a management career in public sector administrations or to acquire the knowledge/skills required by enterprises whose activities fall in the sphere of the public sector.

In addition, the Public Sector Management speciality is built around 3 fundamental elements, bringing to the students:

  • A solid grounding in the specificities of the public sector (organisation of the sector, specificities of the structures, etc.) ;
  • A mastering of the legal and management disciplines that apply to the public sector ;
  • Career skills acquired on the ground, the implementation of projects and the realisation of a mission in a public sector or related structure

On completion of the masters, the students will be able to integrate the governments central or decentralised services as well as regional government bodies,  under contract or through public sector exams (A category).


  • Master perfectly the communication and marketing techniques of the non-commercial sphere
  • Understand the basics in order to evaluate a public policy
  • Have thorough knowledge of the management domains of public policy and public services
  • Know how to create and execute a project
  • Understand the basics of public sector human resource management
  • Have a good understanding of public financing
  • Understand the basics of public market law
  • Know how to put in place a public/private sector partnership


  • Courses take place Thursday, Friday
  • Internship required (between 4 and 6 months)