The Master's degree in Arts and Tourism Management is at the intersection of management, the Arts and cultural tourism. Its principle objective is to teach students the fundamentals of management, and dispense high-level courses in the Arts and cultural tourism domains. It is a unique course in proximity to professionals because the majority of classes are taught in the Town of Vence, the “City of Arts”.

The course results in:

  • The obtention of a double-competency and addresses students passionate for art and culture;
  • The learning of the management methods and techniques used by enterprises in the cultural domain;
  • The acquisition of management skills that are indispensable for the exercise of professions such as cultural heritage manager, art gallery manager.


  • Coordinate the activities of a team or lead a structure; manage a budget; organise cultural events
  • Define a museum project (event, exhibition, acquisition, …) and design actions for the presentation and valorisation of a heritage or collection, organiser and supervise the transport of works of art and their contractual/administrative conformity,…
  • Carry out an inventory of a heritage or collection and control the movement of works (inventory, input, output,…) but also search for and acquire new works, pieces, objects, collections (purchase, gifts, inheritance, loans,…)
  • Control the state of preservation of objects in the heritage, the collections and determine actions required for restoration, reconstitution,...
  • Follow and update cultural, legal and professional information,…
  • Develop and promote the tourism in a region by emphasising the cultural and artistic heritage 


  • Courses take place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Internship required (between 4 and 6 months)