Master's Degree - Year 2 - International Business Spécialité Master of International Business (M2 MIB)

Accessible en : Formation Initiale, Formation Continue et Alternance



Today’s businessmen must be capable to face situations and manage people no matter where they are from, what language they speak, and no matter where they are.

This is the aim of our Master of International Business: not only learn international but, most of all, experience international, in order for you to build your own future managerial style. 


You are provided a strong professional approach to international management and the necessary know-how to:

  • Perfect business English speaking and writing
  • Acquire a global managerial culture
  • Understand the challenges of international and European business
  • Develop global networks and foreign businesses
  • Negotiate and manage projects in a multicultural / multinational environment 



Your courses are scheduled three days a week (Thu-Fri-Sat), over twenty- ve weeks from September to March, in order to allow you to study and work, or conduct your internship at the same time if you so choose. International candidates holding a student VISA are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during their stay in France.

If you are an executive or employee, you may complete your Masters without leaving your actual position. The total coursework is composed of 48 week-days and 24 weekend-days. Using your 25 bank holidays (in France), only a reduction of your workload to 80% during 6 months is to be negotiated with your employer. 



  • Graduate Degree in Business: your degree must last a minimum of 4 years and grant a minimum of 240 ECTS credits, or 120 US credits, or equivalent.
  • English pro ciency: TOEIC >750, or TOEFL iBT >79, or TOEFL CBT >213, or TOEFL PBT >550, or IELTS >5.5, or CPE (TOEFL School code: 5999)
  • Good academic record and relevant experience. Evaluated by the Admissions Committee
  • Interview before the Admissions Committee 


The cost of the program in a French State University is partially supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MENESR). The amount of this subsidiary depends on your status:

  • Status “formation initiale”: the subsidiary covers all the tuition fees. You will pay only the enrolment taxes and student health insurance (approx. 550€);

  • Status “formation permanente”: the subsidiary covers part of the tuition fees. You will pay the remaining part, as well as enrolment taxes and student health insurance;

  • Status “formation continue”: the subsidiary covers part of the tuition fees. The rest is nanced by corporate or other organisations. No fees at your charge. 


UE 1- Project Management
Project management methodology G2MIB11 1 3 20h -
Project team management G2MIB12 1 3 20h -
UE 2 - Environment of Business in Europe
Environment of business in the European Union G2MIB21 1 3 20h -
Doing business in Europe G2MIB22 1 3 20h -
UE 3 - Strategic Marketing
Strategic marketing G2MIB31 1 3 20h -
International strategic marketing G2MIB32 1 3 20h -
UE 4 - International financial reporting
Balance sheet and profit & loss account G2MIB41 1 3 20h -
IFRS & IAS G2MIB42 1 3 20h -
UE 5 - Organisational design & change
Organisational design G2MIB51 1 3 20h -
Change management G2MIB52 1 3 20h -
TOTAL SEMESTRE 3   11 30 200h -
UE 7 - Alliances & Networks
Strategic alliances G2MIB71 1 3 20h -
Development of partnerships & networks G2MIB72 1 3 20h -
UE 8 - Strategic management          
Strategic diagnosis G2MIB81 1 3 20h -
Strategic options G2MIB82 1 3 20h -
UE 9 - The European banking and insurance market
The banking and insurance market G2MIB91 1 3 20h -
Marketing & risk management in banking and insurance G2MIB92 1 3 20h -
UE 10 - Information systems for strategic advantage
Information systems for managers G2MIB101 1 3 20h -
Information systems for strategic advantage G2MIB102 1 3 20h -
UE 6 - Research project G2MIBU6        

Stage et mémoire

- 1 6 - -
TOTAL SEMESTRE 4   9 30 160h -
TOTAL MASTER 2   20 60 360h -

Accessible Careers

You have completed graduate studies and want to specialise your curriculum in business, to apply for the highest management positions in multinational companies and organisations, to create and run your own business worldwide, or to become a global business consultant: this is the degree you need. 


  • M1301 Direction d'entreprise
  • M1503 Direction des ressources humaines
  • D1504 Direction dans la grande distribution


Grandes Entreprises – PME