Job prospects

The MAE Master's Degree course meets the needs expressed by companies of supervisory jobs, management jobs or even management in private companies, public companies and/or associations. It was created to meet the needs for team managers in the industrial sector, project managers in biology, pharmacy, science and innovation... financial managers, business engineers, computer science engineers, environment engineers, chemical engineers, works engineers, technical assistants, recruitment managers in the hotel industry, recruitment managers in the construction industry, SMB managers, senior executive in private and public companies, business managers, administrative and financial managers, legal experts in companies, analysts and Development Directors, managers of associations dealing with specialised education, directors of management centres, health service executives....This training course also enables to study entrepreneurship and thus to create one's own business


  • K1403, K1201, K1206, K2103, M1302: jobs related to management and direction;  
  • M1204 Management control;
  • M1503: Human resources management;
  • M1102: Shopping department;
  • H1102: Management and business engineering; 
  • M1402: jobs related to consulting,
  • J1502 and K1403: jobs related to coordination and management in the healthcare and the social care sectors,
  • K2111 and K2103: The positions of responsible for education and professional school director in the healthcare and the social care sectors.

Business sectors

Big Companies, Mittelstands, SMBs, Small offices, local and / or territorial Communities, Public institutions, ....

Available types of jobs

Manager of SMB / SMI - Senior executive in a private company or public organisation - Administrative and financial manager - Manager of social and socio-educational establishments - Management accountant, responsible for analysis and development,

The acquired knowledge can also enable to complete one's own business creation project or to gain access to more specific training courses available at the IAE.