Job prospects

ROME Codes

  • J1502 Coordination of medical and paramedical services
  • K1403 Management of healthcare, social care and penitential structures
  • M1301 Management of a big company or public institution
  • M1302 Management of small or medium size businesses
  • M1205 Finance and administration management

Business sectors

  • Management of the healthcare, medico-social and social care sector.

Available types of jobs

The associated jobs such as healthcare or social care management require more specifically skills related to cost control, accounts management, budget management but also legal questions.

  • Executives in other administrative services of small and medium size businesses
  • Executives and other administrative services in big companies
  • Consulting in business organisation and management
  • Small or medium size business management
  • Finance and administration management
  • Executives working in financial or accounting services of small and medium size businesses