Job prospects

Codes ROME

  • M1202 Audit and accounting and financial control
  • M1204 Management control

Business sectors

  • Accounting firm 
  • Audit firm 
  • Financial management of a company

The activity can be practised as a professional one (chartered accountant, external auditor) or as a salaried one in accounting firms, in audit firms, in accounting departments of big companies but also of small and medium-size businesses and of companies from the public sector (Town Councils, Prefectures,...) which are related to different services and actors (human resources, financial services, management accountants, managing directors,...).
It varies according to the sector (trade, industry, State Services, ...) and the organisation of the structure (a subsidiary, a branch, an audit firm, ...).

It can be practised on secondment at the customer's home.

Available types of jobs

  • Chartered Accountant 
  • Management accountant 
  • Financial Manager
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