This Marketing-sales course aims at developing skills which are necessary nowadays in the business world which is totally connected to the Internet and to digital and cell phone media. From now on, it is vital to design a marketing strategy by integrating the vision of the online branded content and by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the web and or the cell phone in order to develop one's own market. Students are trained to use tools which allow them to be operational in creating digital marketing strategies within the companies.

The advantages of the training course

This training course which was created in 1975 benefits from a real recognition in the region and in France. It relies on a substantial network of socio-economic partners and on the expertise of professionals and qualified contributors. In order to adapt to the evolution of online connected jobs, to social networks and to cell phone strategies, this course is from now on oriented towards the digital world.

This course aims at training future professionals, an objective which is materialised by the fact that students do an internship. The teaching methods are focused on the most recent knowledge and aim at anticipating the very fast evolution of these professions. This course offers concrete career objectives such as to design an e-commerce website or to organise an online communication campaign.

It is to be noticed that this is the only university training course in digital marketing in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region.


  • To study and analyse the e-consumers' behaviours
  • To manage social networks and the e-reputation of the brand
  • To design business models on the Internet
  • To manage customer relations with digital tools (e-CRM, S-CRM (social-CRM))
  • To advise and evaluate (economic models, e-Business, ICT strategy)
  • To design e-business and Marketplace platforms and to take part in their evolution
  • To manage digital communication campaigns (Display, SEO, SEM, SMO, Affiliation,…)
  • To design the company's cell phone strategy
  • To develop the content of the shopping website
  • To manage the Sunday strategy and the online delivery…  

Organisation of the training course

  • School days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Compulsory internship (from 4 to 6 months)
  • Capacity: 
    • Year 1: 30 students
    • Year 2: 35 students


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