MBA Marketing

This Master of Business Administration is a full-time 6-month degree designed for executives and students willing to specialize and gain in-depth knowledge in the area of Marketing.

Leaning on the fundamental in management, this training allows the acquisition of skills and the development of capacity for analyzing in the domains of the marketing and optimize the occupational integration in the business world.

This MBA enables students to apply skills and knowledges in the following fields: branding, market research, consumer behavior, new product and market development and International Business Management. 

Discover the program


  • Go deeper on fundamental acquired in sciences of management, marketing,  and train student in the expectations of the market,
  •  Give you the ability to take your career to the next level and gain more than expertise in Business Administration
  •  Acquire lifelong tools to achieve your ambitions and dreams.
  • Conduct a research project on a specific business topic or professional experience
  • Enhance your leadership potential by Business Games


Key Points (Strengths)

  • Cohorts are composed of a maximum 18 students per major, 70% of the Faculty members are hands-on business practitioners.
  • Courses are scheduled three days a week over twenty-five weeks, in order to allow you to study and work at the same time if you so choose
  • Develop a dynamics of networking at the students.
  • You can Continue to work and study: The total coursework is composed of 48 week-days and 24 weekend-days. Using your 25 bank holidays (in France), only a reduction of your workload to 80% during 6 months is to be negotiated with your employer.
  • Support in the construction of Your professional project