Certificate in Business Administration in the Security, Defense, and Space industries [CBA SDS]


Scientific advisor: Dr. Michel BOSCO
Program officer: 

This Certificate in Business Administration in the Security, Defense, and Space industries (CBA SDS) is entirely taught in English, on (Thursdays,) Fridays and Saturdays over a few weeks during Spring, and designed for professionals willing to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of business administration in sectors such as aerospace, security and civil protection, and defense.

These markets behave somehow differently from the open market: competitive forces are shaped by regulatory, security and safety considerations, and business in these sectors requires the application of management practices that are not commonly used in other industrial and commercial sectors. In these domains:

  • Products are often unique with limited production runs, most customers are governments or public entities; where SME’s are involved the industrial fabric is highly fragmented with little or no international footprint; public procurement is often by exception, and other specificities influence significantly investment strategies – from R&D to production; marketing relies heavily on lobbying with Government agencies;
  • Intellectual property management and export decisions are governed not only by business cases, but also by constraints related to homeland security or national sovereignty, while demand, mostly national, is increasingly becoming international and sometimes global;
  • Investment and sales cycles are unusually long with the need to retain valuable technical and managerial capacity – highly-skilled human resources – over the longer term while ensuring technology development continues to be at the state of the art; 
  • Companies in these sectors are more likely than others to be targeted not just by competitors, but also by intentionally malevolent actors or even foreign agencies. Managing such risks is similar to managing the security of critical infrastructure in energy, transport, etc.

You have a professional experience, and a Degree in Management, Business Administration, in Engineering, Law or Political Science, you want to gear your career towards the Security Defense, and Space industries, or to step up to higher management positions: this is the degree you need. 

By design, the CBA SDS prepares management candidates with a unique understanding of the business environment of sectors key to national sovereignty, providing them with the necessary skills to successfully operate: instructors are addressing the course with practical management challenges in mind, drawing from relevant field experience, and going much beyond the provision of background information and theoretical knowledge. The CBA SDS graduates will learn what is required to successfully fulfill a broad variety of management positions, including technology development, innovation and project management, sales and marketing, human resources, and financial management.

The CBA SDS students will train in a very international environment: the ecosystem of the Sud Region (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur), one of the most economically active of France’s region in these sectors. They will develop a vast network of professional relationships from all around the world, and the skills necessary to facilitate their future company’s transition from fragmented, national markets to the fast-growing and fast-changing European (and global) markets

The environment ensures effective and interactive lectures, where from different countries share their knowledge and expertise. The team of instructors consists in a mix of renowned professors, practitioners or managers in the security, defense or space industry, senior public officials involved in policy-making and program management, ... From the inception of the program its contents is discussed among the members of the Scientific and Strategic Advisory Council chaired by Michel Bosco, formerly with the European Commission, and including Alberto de Benedictis, former CEO of Finmeccanica UK, and former Chair of the ASD Security Business Unit, and Gilles Grenier, former Vice President for System Design with Cassidian (Airbus Group), and Strategic Advisor with the RHEA Group. 

Organized around a part-time format, with two- to three-day seminars taking place on (Thursdays,) Fridays and Saturdays and concentrated over a few weeks during Spring, the CBS SDS offers the opportunity to follow courses while keeping your professional activities.

You will develop your professional and international networks thanks to events organized by IAE Nice throughout the year.

In addition, you have the possibility to obtain an Executive MBA [EMBA].


  • Gain in-depth knowledge in the field of business administration in the aerospace, security and civil protection, and defense industries
  • Enhance your leadership potential
  • Give you the ability to take your career to the next level 
  • Acquire lifelong tools to achieve your ambitions 

Key points

  • Program entirely taught in English by international professors and practitioners
  • Part-time format compatible with a professional activity: two- to three-day seminars on (Thursdays,) Fridays and Saturdays concentrated over a few weeks during Spring
  • Interactive learning with renowned lecturers
  • Development of professional and international networks

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor Degree (equivalent to 180 ECTS credits) and at least 3 years’ work experience, or a Master Degree (e.g. in Business Administration, Engineering, Law, Political Sciences, …) and at least a first work experience
  • English proficiency


Tuition fees:

Two- to three-day seminars on (Thursdays,) Fridays and Saturdays concentrated over a few weeks during Spring.

Additional, optional seminars and visits to industrial sites will be organized during that period.

5 courses (80 hours)

  • Management Principles Specific to the Security, Defense and Space Industries
  • Innovation and Technology Programs 
  • (Cyber)-Security and Safety of Assets
  • Protection of Intellectual Property and Technological Intelligence 
  • Export Control, Procurements and Lobbying 

during which the instructors will address the following topics: 

  • Specificities of the industrial fabrics in the security, defense and space sectors
  • Economy of sectors key to national sovereignty (security, defense and space) in France, in Europe, and world-wide
  • Management principles specific to these sectors
  • Case studies
  • The EU institutional context for the security, defense, and space industries
  • Innovation mechanisms and cooperative, international R&D in the security, defense, and space industries in Europe and world-wide
  • Management of technology programs
  • Cyber-security and management
  • Combined cyber-security and physical protection of critical infrastructure.
  • Management of classified information
  • Disaster and risk management in a company in sectors key to national sovereignty
  • Economic and technological intelligence in sectors key to national sovereignty
  • Intellectual property management
  • Management of foreign investments (State control, “Chinese” walls, etc.)
  • Trade of security, defense, and space goods and services, offsets, dual use products
  • Export control mechanisms and rules
  • International procurements
  • Lobbying in the EU (and in other countries)
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