The principle objectives of the Sports Industry Bachelor's degree are to prepare students to pursue a Master's degree in Sports Management at the IAE Nice and another establishment. The Master's degree in Sports Management is an excellent preparation for a career in the sports industry domain (sports events, management of sports clubs, sports federation management, company creation in the sports domain, distribution of sports-related products….etc.) 

The Sports Industry Bachelor's degree includes courses in the principle management disciplines: marketing, accounting, law,… in combination with complementary courses in business English, communication methods, quantitative techniques…The subjects taught are systematically adapted to the environment and particularities of the sporting world.

The strong professional character of the Sports Industry Bachelor's degree course is reinforced with a 3 month internship in a professional environment. In addition, throughout the year, students work on a project that culminates in the organisation of a sporting event, or other type of event apt to develop the professional skills of the student.


  • Working in an IT environment
  • Organising and planning one’s activities
  • Understanding the legal and social-economic context
  • Adapting to a new context base on theoretical knowledge
  • Analysing and solving simple management problems (accounting, finance, marketing, control)
  • Communicating in English
  • Defining and executing a project linked to the sports business


  • Classes take place from Monday to Friday
  • Internship required (between 3 and 6 months)