Luxury Hotel Management Professional Diploma

Accessible en : Formation Initiale et Formation Continue



The Côte d'Azur (Maritime Alps) and the Principality of Monaco hold the national record for the highest concentration of 5-star hotels. The ATHL Diploma has been created to form specialists in the area of luxury hotels in order to meet the requirements and aspirations of a new high-end international clientele.

Luxury hotels must provide highly personalised services and indispensable offers within the hotel structure (spa, gourmet arts, fashion accessories…..) and in a human, cultural and commercial environment associated with the luxury industry (furniture, haute couture, fine art objects….).

Targeted Population 

This professional diploma allows:

  • students of different origins to acquire the theoretical and practical skills required for the professional luxury hotel business in particular, and for the luxury industry in general.
  • employees working in the hotel business to acquire new skills associated with the luxury industry.

It consists of:

  • Professional coursework (410h excluding internship and personal project with tutor) focused on the theoretical aspects and the new technologies used in the business, as well as foreign language training: compulsory English plus a second language (German, Italian, Spanish) with 200 hours of the coursework given in the English language, representing 45% of the total coursework.

The courses are as follows:

  • Luxury Industries and Jobs
  • The Art of Reception
  • Quality Policy and Business Ethics
  • Creation of Partnerships and Sustainable Development
  • Networking and Managing Stars
  • Management of Immaterial Aspects
  • Non-media Communication
  • Media Communication
  • Internal Communication and Career Management
  • Personal Development
  • a project with tutor in conjunction with 12 weeks working in a 5-star luxury hotel; on completion of the internship, the student will write a short report about a particular problem covered during the period.
  • the creation of a personalised career plan based on the student’s profile.


Professional Environment:

  • Design, create, sell, evaluate, analyse personalised high-end luxury services in a well-defined context.
  • Understand the history of the luxury industry and it’s relevance to today’s industry

Commercial Environment:

  • Describe, identify, analyse the « Luxury Hotel » product in its different forms (Palace, 5-star Hotel, Boutique Hotel)
  • Manage, organise, create the hotel image (creation of events and exhibitions)
  • Establish partnerships with other luxury industries

Management and communication:

  • Use and master hotel management tools; use and master communication tools
  • Apply theoretical coursework to real situations

Function management:

  • Identify, differentiate and evaluate the different functions and actors in the luxury hotel business.


  • Classes take place :
    • first semester: monday, tuesday, thursday 
    • second semester: monday, tuesday, wednesday
  • Internship required (6 months)

Conditions and admission requirements

Initial Course:

  • Admission based on the applicants file for students holding a University degree Level License 2, DUT, BTS, DEUST.
  • The candidate’s motivation is a key factor to gain entry to this course. Students enrolled in other domains can also apply (an adapted program will be proposed)

Continuous Education:

  • Validation of a candidate’s professional competencies and experience. The candidates must demonstrate a perfect fluency in English and French, a good knowledge of computing tools, as well as an advanced knowledge of how an enterprise functions. 


The fees are composed of:

  • National fees set by the French Ministry of Education. All students must pay these national fees. The exact amount is published by the Ministry in mid-July.
  • Social Security contribution must be paid by French and foreign nationalities (excluding EU) who are aged less than 28 on 1st October. The following are exonerated: students from EU countries who are covered in their country of origin, family members of SNCF employees, students working at least 96 hours per month, and all students aged 28 years and older on 1st October.
  • Sport and Culture Fee. This fee is voluntary (amount: 30 €). It gives the holder access to the University sports facilities and the right to reductions on cultural activities.
  • Specific Fees. The fees depend on your regime. Please consult the IAE site for information on regime-specific fees. For details on fees use the following link

Formation continue 

Candidates for continuous education (following a 2-year interruption of further education, in employment, on educational leave...) should contact UNICE PRO for further information concerning VAE/VAP (validation of professional skill) and relevant documents.

Maîtrise de langues vivantes
English business hôtelier GLHLLV1 3 3 20h -
Espagnol, Italien, Allemand au choix GLHLLV2 2 2 20h -
UE 1 Conception et réalisation du service luxe
Marketing du luxe GLHLU11 3 3 30h -
Arts de la table et du service de luxe GLHLU12 2 2 10h 10h
Arts culinaires et restauration gastronomique GLHLU13 2 2 10h 10h
Arts oenologiques, vins et spiritueux GLHLU14 2 2 10h 10h
Art de la réception et étages / Conciergerie GLHLU15 3 3 10h 20h
UE 2 Environnement de l'entreprise hôtelière de luxe   
Les industries du luxe GLHLU21 3 3 20h -
Métiers et domaines d'activité du luxe en relation avec l'hôtellerie du luxe GLHLU22 2 2 10h -
Anthropologie et sociologie du luxe GLHLU23 2 2 10h -
Interculturalité et géopolitique du tourisme de luxe GLHLU24 2 2 10h -
Structure des organisations hôtelières GLHLU25 1 1 10h -
Cadre financier et juridique GLHLU26 2 2 20h -
Stratégies et innovations GLHLU27 1 1 10h -
TOTAL SEMESTRE 1     30 190h 50h


UE 3 Management de la relation commerciale
Techniques de prospection et de négociation GLHLU31 1 1 10h -
Politique qualité et éthique des affaires GLHLU32 1 1 10h -
Constructions de relations partenariales et développement durable GLHLU33 1 1 10h -
Management de la relation commerciale BtoB GLHLU34 2 2 10h -
Création de réseaux et réponse aux stars GLHLU35 1 1 10h -
Optimisation des ventes GLHLU36 2 2 20h -
Gestion de l'immatériel GLHLU37 1 1 10h -
UE 4 Communication globale et valorisation des ressources humaines
Culture générale GLHLU41 1 1 10h -
Développement personnel GLHLU42 1 1 10h -
Expression orale et écrite GLHLU43 1 1 10h -
Communication interne et management des métiers GLHLU44 3 3 30h -
Communication hors média / communication média GLHLU45 1 2 20h -
Gestion de la sécurité GLHLU46 1 1 10h -
UE 5 Projet tutoré
Projet tutoré GLHLU5 5 5 140h  -
UE 6 Stage en entreprise
Stage (6 mois) GLHLU6 7 7 -  -
TOTAL SEMESTRE 2     30 170h -

Career Openings

By mastering the technological and commercial fundamentals of the luxury hotel business and by reinforcing the management and communication skills as applied to the luxury industry, the course will allow the students to quickly obtain a management post within a luxury hotel business where excellence and perfection are “de rigueur”.