The Côte d'Azur (Maritime Alps) and the Principality of Monaco hold the national record for the highest concentration of 5-star hotels. The ATHL Diploma has been created to form specialists in the area of luxury hotels in order to meet the requirements and aspirations of a new high-end international clientele.

Luxury hotels must provide highly personalised services and indispensable offers within the hotel structure (spa, gourmet arts, fashion accessories…..) and in a human, cultural and commercial environment associated with the luxury industry (furniture, haute couture, fine art objects….).

Targeted Population 

This professional diploma allows:

  • students of different origins to acquire the theoretical and practical skills required for the professional luxury hotel business in particular, and for the luxury industry in general.
  • employees working in the hotel business to acquire new skills associated with the luxury industry.

It consists of:

  • Professional coursework (410h excluding internship and personal project with tutor) focused on the theoretical aspects and the new technologies used in the business, as well as foreign language training: compulsory English plus a second language (German, Italian, Spanish) with 200 hours of the coursework given in the English language, representing 45% of the total coursework.

The courses are as follows:

  • Luxury Industries and Jobs
  • The Art of Reception
  • Quality Policy and Business Ethics
  • Creation of Partnerships and Sustainable Development
  • Networking and Managing Stars
  • Management of Immaterial Aspects
  • Non-media Communication
  • Media Communication
  • Internal Communication and Career Management
  • Personal Development
  • a project with tutor in conjunction with 12 weeks working in a 5-star luxury hotel; on completion of the internship, the student will write a short report about a particular problem covered during the period.
  • the creation of a personalised career plan based on the student’s profile.


Professional Environment:

  • Design, create, sell, evaluate, analyse personalised high-end luxury services in a well-defined context.
  • Understand the history of the luxury industry and it’s relevance to today’s industry

Commercial Environment:

  • Describe, identify, analyse the « Luxury Hotel » product in its different forms (Palace, 5-star Hotel, Boutique Hotel)
  • Manage, organise, create the hotel image (creation of events and exhibitions)
  • Establish partnerships with other luxury industries

Management and communication:

  • Use and master hotel management tools; use and master communication tools
  • Apply theoretical coursework to real situations

Function management:

  • Identify, differentiate and evaluate the different functions and actors in the luxury hotel business.


  • Classes take place :
    • first semester: monday, tuesday, thursday 
    • second semester: monday, tuesday, wednesday
  • Internship required (6 months)