COVID-19 : Information for applicants for the 2020 intake

Applications: details about recruitment policy (Score IAE Message – SIM entrance test, application period, entrance interviews)

  • Applications are still running on as usual and will be studied according to the calendar which is on display on the IAE Nice website. (for full-time education as well as apprenticeship and continuing education).
  • If your Score IAE Message - SIM Test session has been cancelled, there is no need to claim reimbursement, the organization that oversees the test is currently doing its best to refund all registered students. If you would like more information about the SIM Test, please contact them via:
Prerequisites for the SCORE IAE Message – SIM Test and the TOEIC

Given the cancellation of sessions at national level, prerequisites for the next school year entrance have been amended as follows:

SCORE IAE Message – SIM Test: those who could not sit for the test, please enter the number « 0 » in the Score sub-chapter and download the following attached file. 

TOEIC: those who could not sit for the TOEIC Test, please enter the number « 0 » in the Toeic sub-chapter and download the following attached file.  

You will be able to sit for the TOEIC exam during your academic year. If you are selected for an entrance interview, this interview will be conducted partly in French and partly in English.