Selection process takes place in two stages :

- First, the sending university collects all the applications and evaluates the nominations and class. The evaluation is based on criteria established by mutual agreement between host and home partners. For each criterion, a number of points is awarded in order to reach a quantitative assessment for each record for a total of 100 points. The criteria are used to evaluate both the academic and language level and motivation of each candidate. The sending university then transmits to the host university for each candidate, the evaluation form and academic records. (link Evaluation form).

- The host university, specifically the laboratory, the department or the relevant component proceeds to a second evaluation of the files submitted and decides to validate or not the list proposed by the sending University.
To conduct the assessment  each institution (sending and receiving) must establish a selection committee.

Selected candidates will receive an individual message on the email provided in CV with a short delay for accepting the grant. Please check this email regularly and confirm within the delay.