A University Diploma

A University Diploma

A University Diploma

The University Nice Sophia Antipolis Institute of Technology, whose purpose in the Technical and Vocational Education & Training, offers five University Diplomas of 1 or 2 years:


Human Resources Management (1 year)

The University Diploma "Human Resources Management" trains and specializes students in the professions of administration and human resources management. Recognized by companies in the region, the UD HRM makes it possible to directly integrate the professional world.

Ref : DUT Company Management and Administration


Entertainment Centers Management (2 years)

The goal of the University Diploma “Entertainment Centers Management”, is the vocational integration in the different activities of an entertainment structure such as amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, animal parks, edutainment parks, botanical gardens, cinema multiplexes, holiday villages, wide hotel complexes, resorts.

The positions targeted are welcome officer, sales person, fast-food waiter, event animator, attraction operator.

Ref : DUT Marketing for Tourism


International Studies (1 year)

The UD “International Studies” offers students of the Institute of Technology Nice Côte d'Azur the opportunity to complete their post-graduate DUT training abroad. The selection of students is carried out within the department in which they follow their DUT, for a continuation of studies, in the same sector, abroad.

The choice of destinations is made within the framework of the agreements established by each department of the Institute of Technology with partner universities: Canada, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Norway.


Initiation to Aeronautics (1 year)-Sept 2019

The objective of the training is to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for aeronautical navigation. The graduate may present the certificate of initiation to aeronautics at the end of the training.


Videogames IT Developer  (2 years)

The course, part of the DUT Computer Science, is dedicated to videogames development. The graduates are involved in the design, construction and setting IT solutions / video games matching the needs of customers.

The graduate works as gameplay developer, junior engine developer, multimedia developer.

Ref : DUT Computer Sciences

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