KID 2018 - 7th Summer School


1-7th July 2018 - Nice - France

01-07-2018 - 07-07-2018 - 17h00 à 10h00 - Le Saint Paul Hotel-Maison du Séminaire - Nice (France)

KID 2018 - Knowledge Dynamics, Industry Evolution, Economic Development

1-7th July 2018, Nice, France

Thematic School InSHS CNRS and UCAJEDI International Summerschool


KID 2018 will focus on theoretical and empirical studies on knowledge dynamics, industrial evolution and economic development: smart cities, emergence and persistence of innovation, entrepreneurship, firms’ growth, corporate governance and performance, agglomeration/dispersion of industrial activities, skills dynamics, economics of science and innovation, environment as a driver of innovation.

Speakers (confirmed):

- Dirk Czarnitzki (KU Leuven, Belgium)

- Claudio Fassio (CIRCLE Lund University, Sweden)

- Maryann Feldman (U. North Carolina, USA)

- Hanna Hottenrott (TU. Munich, Germany)

- Nadine Levratto (CNRS Economix, France)

- Catalina Martinez (CSIC Madrid, Spain)

- Mireille Matt (INRA GAEL, France)

- Bettina Peters (ZEW Mannheim, Germany)

- Francesco Rentocchini (U. Milan, Italy)

- Andres Rodriguez-Pose (London School of Economics, UK)

- Jackie Krafft (Université Côte d’Azur and CNRS-GREDEG, France)

- Cécile Cézanne (Université Côte d’Azur and CNRS-GREDEG, France)

- Michele Pezzoni (Université Côte d’Azur and CNRS-GREDEG, France)

- Francesco Quatraro (University of Turin, Italy)

Audience and content: PhD students, young or confirmed researchers attending the summer school will benefit of:

- lectures by international scholars of renowned authority in economics, business, political science, economic geography, environmental economics, computer sciences, life sciences, etc.

- lectures on the latest methodologies and protocols of research.

- presentations of their own work discussed by experts.

- recommendations on how to get published.


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