ELSE Workshop

January 22- 24, 2020
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au 24-01-2020 à 14:30
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ELSE Workshop

1. Objectives

The ELSE project aims to develop a new research-based approach for education in the domain of safety leadership. This requires combining scientific knowledge from the different academic disciplines with empirical knowledge from the nuclear sector. By favoring multiple interactions, the workshop will serve a double objective: • It will help identify the existing knowledge on the topic of safety leadership/leadership for safety, which in turn will help design a training program for managers and students. • It will foster research collaborations among scientists from the different disciplines and between scientists and the actors of the nuclear sector. These collaborations will guarantee a continual development of knowledge on safety leadership/leadership for safety.

2. Methodology

The above objectives will be achieved in a co-creation mode. Co-creation is based on the collaborative development of new concepts and values with the different stakeholders. Main concepts identified in the literature are shared with the stakeholders, discussed and enriched jointly. The co-creation in the ELSE project is organized simultaneously at three levels:

• Level 1: co-creation among the academic stakeholders. The co-creation will result from the discussions among researchers from a diversity of disciplines, mainly represented by sociology, psychology and management, but all working on the themes related to leadership for safety/safety leadership.

• Level 2: co-creation between academics and the nuclear sector actors. The nuclear sector actors include operators, regulators and Technical and Scientific Support Organizations (TSOs). They represent the stakeholders interested in training for early career managers of the nuclear sector.

• Level 3: co-creation between academics, nuclear sector actors and scientific directors of university programs on safety and risk management. This third type of stakeholder will be more particularly interested by the creation of a leadership for safety/safety leadership module as a component of a Master’s degree. Process The workshop is organized around two types of session: group work on predefined themes and collective debriefing. There will be three groups working in parallel on the same theme, following by a session of collective debriefing with all workshop participants. Each group will be composed by members of each types of stakeholder (academic, nuclear sector actors, scientific directors of university programs). By providing a space for interaction, each group session will be designed to favor co-creation. Co-creation is a structured conversational process in which groups of people discuss a specific theme.

For each theme the conversation is structured in three 40-minute time periods focused on three topics: 1) state of the art of the literature, 2) the tensions in the literature and practices, and 3) the implications for leadership and training. The forty minutes will be divided into a thirty- minute discussion and a ten-minute synthesis. To make the discussion on the state of the art of the literature more efficient one or two researchers will briefly present his or her research on the theme. The synthesis of each session will be formalized in a poster represented in the following figure.