Third nHice Workshop

15th-17th, November 2018 - Sophia Antipolis - France
Quand ? Du 15-11-2018 à 09:00
au 17-11-2018 à 17:00
Où ? GREDEG - Sophia Antipolis
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This Workshop proposes to engage in a reflection on the history but also the evolution of the nature of microeconomic foundations for macroeconomic models. We believe that interaction between historians of economic thought and economists who contribute directly to the field would be fruitful. In addition to David Colander who will deliver a lecture on “Micro foundations, Complexity and the Evolution of Macroeconomic Thought”, we are inviting Alan Kirman and Domenico Delli Gatti to participate.

 We welcome papers in the History of Economic Thought covering various debates - theoretical, methodological, empirical, or specific episodes or specific episodes that can be considered to provide insights into the various ways economists proposed to deal with this specific issue. Note that we place no a priori restriction on contributions relating to a specific period or approach: submissions can cover a range of literatures from the earliest macroeconomic contributions to the most recent Complexity approaches.

Deadline for abstracts submissions: August 1, 2018.

Acceptance notified before September 1, 2018.


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