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Charlie Joyez, - GREDEG - (Université Côte d'Azur)

Title: "The Resilience of Regional Labor Markets to Economic Shocks: The Role of Occupation Relatedness".

Abstract: Why are some regions more resilient than others in the face of economic shocks? We examine this by developing a network-based approach to identifying how occupations and industries within a region are connected to each other via the mobility of workers between them. Our measure, that we term the relatedness of occupations is based on the occupational composition of regions according to the similarity of occupations in terms of human capital and skill requirements. The relatedness of occupations is described in an ‘Occupation Space’ that we derive from cross-occupation labor flows over the period 2003-2015. We use occupation relatedness to explain local labor-market resilience to economic shocks.

We identify industry-specific and occupation-specific shocks and analyze local responses to these shocks. Estimates show that commuting zones that are specialized in skill-related occupations are more resilient to adverse shocks, especially to occupation-specific shocks, with a faster speed of return to pre-shock unemployment levels.