LEEM Seminar - Nariaki Nishimo (Univ. of Tokyo)

"Anatomy of Service Business: Modelling and Experiments"
Quand ? Le 17-10-2018,
de 12:00 à 14:00
Où ? Salle SCI - ISEM
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LEEM Seminar

Nariaki Nishimo  (UCA,GREDEG)

Abstract: This study addresses a modelling issue about service business and conducts its experiments. The motivation of our study is to understand a general but detailed mechanism of service business. This is because services in reality typically have peculiar characteristics like intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability, and perishability, which have been often discussed in the field of marketing. Accordingly, it is difficult to address such aspects as an economic model, and so far there is no general and fundamental mathematical model for that. Against this background, we construct a basic game-theoretic model of service business, based on some empirical and questionnaire data. Then, we conduct experiments under several variations. As a remarkable result, we demonstrated a similar effect in experiments to service profit chain (Haskett et al., 1994), well-known in management areas, which generally explains that improvement of employee satisfaction can lead improvement of customer satisfaction, and then finally can make it more profitable. That could be a key for understanding services in reality and also for creating more efficient and beneficial services for all stakeholders.