Friday Meeting - Sophie Clot (University of Reading)

"Good Enough? Pro Environmental Behaviour, Climate Change, and Moral Licensing"
Quand ? Le 23-02-2018,
de 10:00 à 12:00
Où ? ISEM Room SCI
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Friday, February 23th, 2018 - SCI ISEM – 10:00-12:00 -


Title: "Good enough? Pro environmental behaviour, climate change and moral licensing." (with Marina Della Giusta and Sarah Jewell)

Abstract : Policies aiming at promoting sustainable lifestyle have been flourishing in the last decades, with unknown global impact. It is a common assumption to believe that encouraging pro environmental behaviour in one domain would lead to increased environmental behaviour in other domains (best-case scenario) or just be restricted to the initial targeted domain (worst-case scenario). Recent evidence from an emerging literature on moral licensing suggests that interventions targeting behavioural change could lead to an even worse scenario, with individuals starting to underperform in one domain, as a compensation for their good performance in other domains. We propose to study empirically (study 1) and experimentally (study 2) the dynamic of proenvironmental behaviours (PEB) across domains. Study 1 shows that PEB in one domain, unless associated to climate change beliefs, is not indicative of further PEB in other domains. In Study 2, we found that priming could increase PEB, but does not thwart moral licensing. Primed individuals may end up doing worse than non-primed individual under a moral licensing condition. We conclude that a more comprehensive view of the mechanisms underlying behavioural change (through formal education vs priming) is essential in order to support sustainable environmental policies.