Sources and Methodology of Economic Law

Keywords: Links between Law and Economy - Private economic powers - Regulation - New economies.

Project leaders: Eva Mouial-Bassilana and Irina Parachkévova-Racine

The Sources and Methodology of Economic Law project is based on a strong disciplinary anchoring, aimed at strengthening interdisciplinary approaches between law, economics and management. The originality of the project is to deepen the explanations of the economic phenomena, especially the phenomena of economic power. To this end, it delves into the work already undertaken on the pluralism of sources of economic law.
The team's work also demonstrates the originality of the project's methodological approach. The members of the project are keen to decipher the studied questions through the substantial analysis, which is an original and crucial method for the Nice School of Economic Law. This method provides keys to an appropriate comprehension of the analyzed questions, going beyond their formal qualification, in order to discover in their real substance. This analysis is critical by essence.
The project also aims to compare its own analyzes of the studied concepts with the methods and analyzes identified in the other social sciences represented in GREDEG (eg precautionary principle, eco-organisms, economic litigation, legal concepts of environment law, etc.). Indeed, the links between private law and public law, but also between law, economics, management, philosophy or sociology are a strong originality of the work of the team.


Project members

Permanent members: Magali BoucaronIsabelle DoussanLêmy GodefroyGiulio Cesare GiorginiAmelle GuesmiKevin Luciano, Thierry MarteuEva Mouial BassilanaMai-Anh NgoIrina ParachkevovaJean-Baptiste Racine, Patrice ReisFabrice SiiriainenKatja SontagPascale SteichenMarina TellerSarah Vanuxem.

Doctoral and post-doctoral fellows: Harry Aba'A Megne, Hussain Alawad, Anne-Laurice Andre, Shushan Babayan, Yula Baygildina, Julie Charpenet, Romain Decool, Jean-Marc Dellatorre, Bray Weslene Djoumbou Mbecka, Loïs Dossios, Jean-Luc Duhamel, Kevin Dument, Najwa El Amri, Hamza El Goutbi, Odile Raissa Essama-Ongolo, Emmanuel Fabre, Gregory Fuster, Alexandra Garnier, Olivia Giordano, Nahla Hartani, Enisa Hizmaj, Dariya Kalmikova, Abdellatif Karzazi, Banua Kav, Florent  Kuitche Takoudoum, Axel Liroy, Emily Madeleine, Emilie Maurel, Larios Offray Crushn Mavoungou, Farah Mechbal, Mickael Mingucci, Victoria Moreau, Annie-Claire Ngo Binyom, Yvon Barth Nono Temieudjouong, Anna Novinskaya, Vanelle Onchi Ngongang, Anana Postoaca, Stéphane Sonigo-Gregori, Xhensila Tafaj, Comlan René Vodounou-Djegni, Nicolas Volpi, Amani Zaiem.

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