Strategy and Market Regulation


Project leaders:   Patrice Bougette et Frédéric Marty


The "Strategies and Market Regulation" (SRM) Project combines economic, legal and managerial perspectives to analyse the training, interpretation and activation of standards and rules in the definition of action strategies for individuals, firms or institutions. This involves analysing not only the strategy of agents in terms of building public or private rules, but also their role in defining their market strategies. The rules can be used as a resource for action both in terms of risk management (economic, legal, managerial) and the development of more offensive strategies.

Three dimensions emerge from this research project.

The first is the construction of standards and rules. The aim is to analyse the active relationships between agents and the regulatory framework that channels their action. This dimension concerns both the processes of co-construction of rules and the game around their interpretation, particularly through litigation. The areas of application of this first approach concern both market regulation and banking and financial regulation, both in terms of accounting and prudential aspects.

The second dimension is directly related to the analysis of disputes and conflicts around or involving rules. As such, it gives an essential place to the economic strategies deployed by the actors in the settlement of disputes, whether for the defence of their interests or for strategies exploiting the rules in the context of their market relations. In addition to work on the economics of competition law, work on intellectual property litigation and international trade disputes is central to our project.

A third and final dimension concerns the negotiation of the rule, whether it is negotiations on the construction of the rule or negotiations permitted or organized by the rule. These dimensions focus first of all on processes of co-construction of standards or public policies, for example professional practices and the use of the rule within organizations, or in the field of industrial policies or even in that of financial regulation. They also cover arbitration, transactional procedures in competition law or financial law.

The application areas developed within SRM include energy and the environment, network industries, finance and the digital economy.


Project members

Permanent members (% of involvement): Jeanne Amar (100%) ; Cécile Ayerbe  (20%) ; Magali Boucaron (50%) ; Patrice Bougette  (100%) ; Olivier Bruno (50%) ; Christophe Charlier  (90%) ; Samira Demaria (100%) ; Caroline Lequesne Roth (50%), Grégory Heem (100%) ; Aymeric Lardon (80%) ; Thierry Marteu (50%) ; Frédéric Marty (100%) ; Gérard Mondello (100%) ; Eric Nasica (50%) ; Mai-Anh Ngo (50%) ; Florence Nicoud (50%) ; Nathalie Oriol (50%) ; Jean-Baptiste Racine (20%) ; Patrice Reis (50%) ; Sylvie Rochhia (50%) ; Alexandra Rufini  (50%) ; Philippe Saunier (50%) ; Fabrice Siiriainen (50%) ; Marina Teller (50%).

Doctoral and post-doctoral fellows: Semirada Alibali ; Ousmane Diagne ; Maya El-Hourani ; Claire Lasserre Joslem Ngambou ; Alexandre RuizMarie SciaccitanoOrianne Thibout (post-doc) ; Duy Vu

Associate members: Ankinée Kirakozian (Université de Valenciennes) ; Marc Deschamps (Université Franche-Comté) ; Sarah Guillou (OFCE Sciences.Po) ; Cécile Hagnauer, Julien Pillot  (Xerfi) ; Olivier Sautel (Deloitte) ; Sandrine Selosse (Ecole des Mines).

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