Workshop Game Theory - 14 - 15 November -

As part of our interdisciplinary meeting, we organize two days of seminars and discussions around the thematic "Theory of games and its application in economics" on Thursday 14/11 and Friday 15/11 at the JAD laboratory in the Valrose campus.

speakers :

  - Pr Pierre Bernhard, INRIA Sophia Antipolis :  ”games with random arrivals of players”  and  "A model of the paradox of disability"
  - Pr François Delarue, jad  uca : "Mean field Games" .
  - MCF Guilhem Lecouteux GREDEG Sophia antipolis :  "Bayesian  game  theorists and non -bayersian players"
  - MCF Paolo Zeppini, GREDEG Sophia Antipolis :  ”An evolutionary ecological game”
  - Pr Marc Diener : "a Bayesian game and its application in Microfinance".