Group 2: proton dynamics in cellular and subcellular compartments (L. Counillon)

image groupe LCWe are deeply interested in the SLC9 gene family, which contains 13 different Na+/H+ exchangers genes encode major effectors in pH and ionic regulation of the whole body, the cytosol and intracellular compartments.

We have developed fast kinetic measurement methods that enable us to study the detailed molecular mechanisms of the transport and regulation of these exchangers.

Based on the huge conservation and critical implication of these NHEs in most of the vital physiological function, we have been and are still actively involved in a large array of collaborative studies that aim at exploring the impact of NHEs disregulation or dysfunction in human disease. Those are for example ischemia-reperfusion injury, cancer cell invasion or autism spectrum disorders

As a large part of our work has been to define the transport equations that quantitatively  describe the function of these exchangers, we are also active in establishing and refining non heuristic and fully tractable mathematical models for pH regulation.