Séminaire « Real-time detection of phonological activity in the brain » – 12 mai 2016

Axe 1 "Cognition et coopération"
Quand ? Le 12-05-2016,
de 12:30 à 13:30
Où ? salle 128/129
Participants Tobias SCHEER
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Le séminaire aura lieu le 12 mai 2016 de 12h30 à 13h30 en salle 128/129.

Animateur : Tobias SCHEER

Are the pieces (morphemes) that linguists identify really the ones that are represented in the mind of speakers and manipulated online by the cognitive system? When electricity is pronounced, does the speaker really retrieve electric and ity from long term memory and change the stem-final [k] (electri[k]) into [s] (electri[s]ity) before pronouncing the result? Is ity in stored independently because it also occurs in simplicity, elasticity etc. (this is the argument made by linguists)?